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Consult Dr. Garg for a specialized Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Person Or an Online Consultation!

    Dr  Garg is  an experienced cosmetic surgeon with 23 years of experience in the field of surgery. He specializes in cosmetic surgery have created many beautiful Brazilian Butt Lift!

    Dr  Garg completed a degree in medical science from  India, embarking on a remarkable career in the  field of surgery thereon! He’s been a part of multiple cosmetic surgeries for Brazilian Butt Lift procedures that led him to regain a significant  appreciation for his work.

    Dr Garg has achieved milestones in his medical journey & has gained recognition by achieving the distinction of being a diplomat in the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, which acts as a testament to his mastery of the field.

    “Important factors in fat transfer to buttocks is understanding the patient’s detailed anatomy, her original body contour type, comparing the buttocks and an overall assessment of the patient undergoing BBL procedure. It makes difference in the results visible after the BBL procedure” – quotes Dr. Garg.

    During Dr. Garg’s formative years, he went through rigorous training in the field of surgery, with a precise focus on plastic surgery in India’s western region.

    What is BBL Surgery?

    Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is a type of cosmetic surgery where fat transfer is done to  make the buttocks more fuller and beautiful. The process includes patient’s own fat grafts obtained from liposuction

    • Tumescent anesthesia is used for liposuction.
    • The liposuction process is performed to harvest fats from other body parts
    • The fat  obtained following the liposuction is collected in a sterile container  and processed mixed with antibiotics and  get ready  for the injection process.
    •  A tiny BBL surgery cut  is stitched.
    • A compression garment is applied to the  liposuction areas.

    When is it permissible to engage in physical activity following Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

    Experts recommend patients who have undergone BBL and Liposuction wait for 3 -6  weeks before resuming their regular exercise routine. This waiting period is essential to allow the body to heal properly after cosmetic surgery and ensure that the transplanted fat cells in the targeted area establish a stable blood supply optimally. However, light exercises (not regular exercises ) like jogging and walking are encouraged in the early weeks to enhance the postoperative recovery.

    Regular  exercises  before in the initial weeks may adversely affect the fat transfer process and, consequently, the overall outcome of the BBL procedure.

    Also,  during this initial recovery period, BBL patients may still experience some level of swelling and bruising. They will also be required to wear compression garments at least part-time, making getting into physical activities challenging.

    Commonly Asked Questions Before Considering a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

    Can I get fuller butts without surgery?

    Does it take months to recover from the Brazilian Butt Surgery?

    After how long would it take to recover?
    Does the surgery involve incisions & cuts?

    Can I enhance my butt by exercises like squats, lunges etc.?

    Exercises after the BBL surgery are a common query amongst interested candidates. Specific exercises like squats and lunges following the BBL procedure are not recommended at least for the initial 5-6 months because these extensive exercises can affect the newly implanted fat grafts.

    Here are the different aspects of the exercising theory after BBL surgery you must read.

    Have you decided to go for Brazilian Butt Lift for fuller-looking butts?
    Let the Expert Answer this for you!

    Transformations - Before & After

    Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift

    It can help you enhance your overall proportions.

    It can help resolve the cellulite/dimples

    It brings a youthful appearance & boosts overall confidence.

    It can make two buttocks proportional to each other.

    It is – less invasive than butt implants.

    What Happens to Body Weight After Getting the BBL Surgery?

    The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure involves utilizing Vaser Liposuction to  remove excess fat from the body parts and use the harvested fat to sculpt the butt’s shape and appearance. The extracted fat cells are subsequently transferred to the buttocks aiming to correct the proportions of buttocks in relation to their rest of body, correct the discrepancy between the buttocks, try to fix any cellulite or dimples on butt cheeks.

    To sustain the long-term benefits of BBL and enhanced butt appearance, it is crucial to incorporate a healthy lifestyle  and a balanced diet.

    With regular exercises and  insufficient calories in the diet, you may be susceptible to weight loss. This weight  loss could  negatively affect the treated areas of your body, including the fat in the buttocks from the BBL. However, the overall body shape is unlikely to undergo significant changes and will generally maintain its proportions unless there is a substantial increase or decrease in body weight.

    Although Vaser Liposuction effectively remove body fat, it’s important to note that  the liposuction is not intended as weight loss procedures.

    Do I need to exercise after getting a Brazilian Butt Lift to Maintain results?

    No, the exercise is not mandatory to maintain the results after BBL. In fact, exercise regimens focused on the gluteal muscles  Should be avoided for initial 4-6 months.  You can start   some popular exercises tailored to work the buttocks include squats, lunges, weighted bridges, and donkey kicks after 5-6 months following the procedure.

    Incorporating sidestep squats with resistance bands, step-ups, and deadlifts into your routine can also effectively target your gluteal muscles.

    You must  avoid  your exercise routine for a period of – initial 2 weeks. Ensure your doctor approves your recovery and allows you to return to your regular physical activity routine.

    Have you decided to go for Brazilian Butt Lift for fuller-looking butts?
    Let the Expert Answer this for you!

    Dr. Garg was amazing from my pre-op assessment to my follow-up post op. His bed side manner was impeccable. Dr. Garg gave me my dream body and restored my confidence.
    Jennae Alleah
    San Francisco

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    BBL surgery, or Brazilian Butt Lift, has become quite popular recently as it helps lift the butt and make it look enhanced. It has helped many women combat the flat butt body type and led them to get the desired body curves.

    At the time of BBL surgery, you are given anesthesia that leads to a painless process. However, after the surgery, you might feel some soreness during the recovery.

    You could get back to work  7-10 days after getting the surgery. Within  3-6 weeks, you can get back to everyday life and can resume light exercises like jogging or treadmills.

    For the first few weeks after getting the BBL surgery, you would have to take proper care as per your surgeon’s advice. It includes avoid sleeping on your back, wound care, compression garments, rest and recovery, and other such cautious practices. 

    You need to take a few important preventive measures before getting the BBL surgery. This includes – consulting  a qualified  surgeon, getting a proper medical assessment and clearance, quitting smoking and avoiding alcohol, medications review, postoperative plans, and more.

    Skinny BBL is performed on relatively leaner people with a lower body mass index. It involves a more selective and strategic approach to do BBL focusing on smaller areas of fat to create the desired contour while maintaining the patient’s overall slender physique.

    Natural BBL focuses on butt enhancement that gives a more natural appearance proportional to the patient’s body. The approach is to create a fuller effect and  natural but beautiful buttocks that avoid an exaggerated artificial look.

    You can avoid a bad or botched BBL by careful consideration and assessment. For this, you must choose a  qualified surgeon, schedule a comprehensive consultation, assess candidacy, avoid rushed decisions, take safety precautions, ensure postoperative care, educate yourself and recognize warning signs in the postoperative period. Follow instructions and do proper follow appointments with your doctor.

    Your scars will start to heal initially in the first two weeks (initial healing), which will go to 6-12 weeks for scar maturation, and it  usually take  6 months for complete recovery. 

    You may plan to travel right after the surgery or in the coming few weeks. However, you can get a more  clear answer  to this question from your surgeon, who can advise you on the safest way to travel and at the right time.

    The cost of BBL depends on the surgeon’s expertise, the given facility , and the geographical location. 

    The cost of BBL depends on the surgeon’s expertise, the given facility , and the geographical location. 

    When everything goes normal, you can get back to light exercise after  2-3 weeks of the BBL surgery and gradually increase your exercise in 2-3 months you can get back to your daily & regular exercise routine. However, you need to avoid heavy exercises like squats and lunges for an initial 5-6 months after the surgery. To know what exact precautions you must take, consult your surgeon and keep a detailed note of it. 


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